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Impact Oriented Interdisciplinary Research Grant (IIRG) Programme


The Research Cluster is launching the Impact-Oriented Interdisciplinary Research Grant Programme (IIRG) to enhance the impact of UM research in meeting the nation’s expectations.  Researchers should create projects with impact beyond academia, by consciously incorporating elements of impact into their project at all stages.  This requires effective engagement between researchers with stakeholders and research beneficiaries right from the stage of project ideation. Hence, the value of interaction among researchers from various disciplines cannot be underestimated, to develop impactful research projects that address real world issues relevant to the society and industry. It is at these interfaces between different disciplines that creativity and innovation thrive.  

In alignment with UM’s aspiration to be the preferred partner in research and champions in leading interdisciplinary research, Research Cluster will focus on research areas with promising performances and experts-ready with critical mass (Niche) and emerging areas (Thrust). These Niche and Thrust areas were selected based on the analysis of data on UM’s past research output, expressed research interest of different faculties and research centres, deliberations in a series of meetings/workshops, national needs and international trends. 

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